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At Sew & Tell we know that finding time to sew can be difficult. Family commitments and busy lives mean we can put our interests on hold. Why not treat yourself to some 'ME TIME' and come on one of our courses?

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Our staff have a lifelong passion for sewing and know lots of tips and tricks to ensure you find satisfaction in sewing, whether you are new to this lovely pastime or looking to develop new skills. They will ensure your course is an enjoyable time where you can share your interest with other like-minded people, and maybe make new friends!

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Mar 10


Mar 12

Intro to Sewing Machine

Apr 7

Intro to Overlocker

Apr 9

Intro to Sewing Machine

May 19

Intro to Sewing Machine

Jun 6

Intro to Sewing Machine

Jun 23

Intro to Overlocker

Jun 24 July 1/8

Dressmaking Course