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Rebecca has a very professional approach to teaching. Her limitless patience ensures all her students receive the level of assistance they require as she manages her time between us equally. She is happy to teach at the level of the individual student and has advice, gadgets and books for every conceivable question, technique or project. She is highly approachable, with a great deal of expertise and also has the unique ability to convey information to her students in a simple way that can be easily understood and implemented.


When I returned to dressmaking I had only made a skirt which was in my school dressmaking class at the age of 12. I had always been interested in sewing and especially making clothing for myself and my family. This class gave me the confidence I needed to complete a dress for my daughter. I learnt how to read a dressmaking pattern, understand the symbols and which fabrics and extras were needed to complete the project.

Rebecca is a very knowledgeable teacher and will assist and support you from start to finish, she has enabled me to progress from making simple dresses to a fully lined coat. I would recommend anyone who would like to start or continue dress making to attend Rebecca's classes.